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Sunday, October 10, 2010
:: Moving ::

Hey hey... it's 10.10.10. In conjunction with this beautiful date I know announce that I'm moving this blog to a new home. You could still visit here for my past entries but starting from today, I'm gonna be writing at:

(click here)

Phatgurl.blogspot is no longer available, so I went for phattgurll instead - with double T and double L. Hope it's not too confusing. Thank you for reading this blog and please keep on reading it at the new home. See you there. Cheerios~!


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Friday, October 08, 2010
:: My Activities & How U Could Lose Weight ::

It's the last day of Syawal and our division is (finally) having Jamuan Raya at 3:00 pm today. My stomach is already starving. I was supposed to have nasi lemak and currypuff for breakfast which I ordered my staff to buy since yesterday but unfortunately he couldn't come to office this morning because of flu. The smell of satay really triggered my appetite... ah, another hour of waiting...

October is a busy month for me. Workloads and emceeing events through out this week, convocation on next Monday (OMG I already forgotten that! I already told my GM to see him for a sign off that morning) and then trip to Melbourne. Haven't prepared much for the vacation though, thankfully our host has given a tentative itinerary (thanks Isma~!) Will try to search about other interesting places, but I do look forward to visit the beach with colourful houses as mentioned by her. One thing that made me a lil bit worried is KiKi as we are going to sent her for boarding. We haven't been separated with each other for a long period every since she's with us but this time we have to leave her here... sobs sobs. It's gonna be 6 days and we will surely miss her heaps.

Ok enough with my activities, let's talk about a hot topic instead - how to lose weight. Thanks to Yahoo, found out that there are 5 spices that could help you lose weight. I just highlight about 3 of them because they are more familiar and already available in most kitchens, hence no more lame excuses to start.

1. Cinnamon (kulit kayu manis)
According to study, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon per day can boost body's weight-loss ability and lowers bad LDL cholestrol in the body. However, it should not be consumed in a large amount as it also contains a chemical called coumarin which can lead to liver damage. 1 teaspoon per day is still ok.

2. Ginger (halia)
As we can see, there are various slimming creams and lotions that contain ginger extract. Ginger can improves gastric mobility by pushing food and waste through digestive system and hinders absorption of cholestrol.

3. Black pepper (lada hitam)
Black pepper can improve digestion and promote absorption of nutrients in tissues all over the body. Its main component, piperine enable body to boost fat metabolism by as much as 8% after ingesting it. For more effectiveness, have fresh ground pepper instead of the powder one as it contains more piperine.

Another 2 are cayenne and mustard seed which are rarely used in Malaysian food. In fact I have to search what cayenne is because I only know Porsche Cayenne... hehe.


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Monday, October 04, 2010
:: All About Dreams ::

I was supposed to write this entry since last Friday but time envied me more. I do have high respect for bloggers who managed to update their blogs daily, especially working mothers. How do you still manage to do it, eh? I'm a working wife with a cat and yet I couldn't find the time to write although I really wanted to. Do share me the tips please to split time between working, hubby, chores, cooking, manage children (for my case, pet) and blogging.

I wanted to write about dreams because I had a very bad dream last Friday nite. I don't want to share what it was about but I didn't like it and it did affect my emotion on the other day. The feeling; the hatred and frustration was so real and I thank God it was just a dream. One interesting thing I wanted to share is the venue of that dream, which was happened in my old neighbourhood.

Telling you the truth, dream is always part of my sleep. Whether I like it or not, I frequently dreaming, sometimes everyday or every other day or at least once a week. Amazing enough, I usually remember what I dreamt the night before as if they were for real and somehow I just realised that they usually happened at similar venues, either my old neighbourhood like what I had on Friday night or my late grandparents' house. It is still a big question mark though because I rarely visited both places, in fact haven't been to my late grandparents' crib for several years already since my grandma passed away. Yet they keep on 'coming' in sleep although the people, subject and event were differrent. Presumably enough places where I spent most of my childhood were the strongest memory I have in my head, huh?

Dreams are usually known as devil's play. Sometimes we dream about what had occured or talked about during the day and sometimes they just came out of nowhere. The 'actors' may be people we always see in real life, someone we always think about, someone we never knew or even someone who we haven't met for years... weird isn't it? I don't normally search for meanings of my dreams because they usually about real life scenarios. During World Cup in 2006 I dreamt about meeting Cristiano Ronaldo in a stadium and wanted to take a photo with him. Just in time, after asking for his permission I was woken up by my sister... and I still remember that until today (hehe).

I hardly get 'artistic' dreams like flying or bitten by snakes, etc that usually being interpreted to something else. But since I was a bit disturbed by the bad dream that nite, I urged myself to search the net and found this website named Kamus Mimpi.com. The website contains various types of dreams, organized in alphabetical order with their meanings. Some of the dreams are just weird like planting onions, looking at your own leg, watching people planting tea, becomes a waiter, becomes crazy... OMG who had those kind of dreams??? but they are listed there and come with their own meaning.

I believed many people are interested to know what their dreams mean. Well, help yourself here and perhaps you could find the answer. Please note however that you should not be obsessed with the meanings because only God knows the real reason and what they are for. As for me, Kamus Mimpi eased my feeling and at least stopped me from thinking nonsense because apparently my bad dream eventually comes with a positive meaning. Wallahualam.

keywords: maksud mimpi, makna mimpi, dream definition

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010
:: Ramblings ::

It was not a productive day for me. Still sleepy while driving to office. Done with makeup I continued sleeping at the driver's seat for about an hour and 15 minutes. Did the same thing for several times already and I tell you, I'm loving it. Yeap, I love sleeping in the driver's seat at my office's parking lot without any air-cond. It gave me warmth and coziness and usually an hour to an hour and a half of deep sleep. Just need to get ready for bit of drowsiness after waking up and then, feeling rejuvenate to face the day.

Sleeping in the car is actually normal and many people are doing it. But one has to know that you should not sleep with the engine still running to keep the aircond on cuz carbon monoxide can kills you while you are asleep. Honestly, if you are used to doing it, better stop it now and sleep without any aircond to avoid the silent killer (This community service is brought to you by phatgurl.blogdrive)

Nothing interesting happened within these few days. Had a very long day yesterday as our unit was audited by external auditor. I was very exhausted, reached home at 8 something and saw KiKi waiting at our room's window... how shweet. I felt sorry for her for coming home a bit late than usual cuz it was already dark. Eversince the long Raya hols, we have left her in our bedroom instead of leaving her in the cage like before. I know she is only a cat, but I never felt so attached to an animal like this. Maybe because I never had any pet and maybe because she is one cute, smart, behaved kitty I ever know. I am typing this entry on bed and right now she is curling between my two legs, soundly asleep. Haisy... she really knows how to melt my heart... :-)

Okey, I guess that's it for now. Wishing for a productive day at work tomorrow and till we meet again, ciao~!

Posted at 11:47 pm by titie
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Monday, September 27, 2010
:: Manfaat Ketiak Lelaki ::

Got an email about man's armpit and how it does wonder to destress a woman. Paling tak tahan... siap suggest orang lelaki yang lepas workout calit sket bau ketiak kat bini tu... hehehe. Wanna try?

Manfaat ketiak orang lelaki..

Benarkah bau ketiak lelaki mampu menjadi penawar kepada gejala tekanan yang dialami oleh wanita?Kenyataan ini dikeluarkan oleh Bahagian Biologi Manusia di University Pensyvania beberapa tahun lalu. Kajian dilakukan di sana membuktikan bahawa peluh lelaki membantu kaum wanita menurunkan tekanan, memberikan ketenangan dan melancarkan perjalanan haid.

Menurut laporan Jurnal Biology of Reproduction America sebelum ini, bau ketiak lelaki yang sengaja " diproses" daripada lelaki yang tidak memakai deodoran digunakan sebagai bahan ujikaji bagi mencari bukti bahawa hidung wanita boleh "digoda" dengan bau lawan sejenisnya. Dalam uji kaji yang dilakukan, wangian semulajadi itu kemudian disapukan ke atas bibir puluhan wanita berumur 25 dan 45 tahun tanpa memberitahu ia adalah bau peluh lelaki dan hanya diberitahu bahawa mereka sedang menguji satu aroma wangian tersebut.

Enam jam pertama selepas itu, skala mood wanita yang disapu wangian yang diperbuat daripada peluh ketiak lelaki tersebut diukur. Hasilnya sungguh unik. Selain boleh mencerahkan mood, wangian ketiak lelaki ternyata dapat membuatkan wanita menjadi kurang tegang.... dipetik dari majalah PA&MA...Feb 2004... kalau tak caya....

So kalau isteri dok tension tu...lepas balik riadah..calit sikit bau ketiak anda.. yang masam tu insyaallah mood dia ok.......ha..ha...ha.... selamat mencuba... so para isteri jangan dok tension sangat nanti kena cium bau ketiak suami........ So kengkawan kalau tengah stress tu ....bolehlah cium ketiak suami. Bagi kaum Adam pulak, simpan bau ketiak tu utk orang tersayang., NAMPAK ISTERI TENSION N MARAH2 JEK, KASI TERUS!!


Posted at 03:13 pm by titie
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