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Thursday, September 16, 2010
:: Celebrations ::

first and foremost i would like to wish "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri" to all readers out there. perhaps it's also not too late for me to seek forgiveness for all wrongdoings - maaf zahir & batin ya~!

today, we Malaysians are also celebrating the Malaysia Day to commemorate establishment of the Malaysian federation in 1963. so another wish to all Malaysians: "Happy Malaysia Day". despite of all the political issues, increase in prices, baby dumping cases, psycho individuals who slayed family members, killing and also burning people; there's no doubt that we're still blessed to live in this country. as the old saying says "gold rain in other countries, stone rain in own country... own country is still the best" (hujan emas di negara orang, hujan batu di negara sendiri... baik lagi negara sendiri).

today also marks our one-month anniversary with KiKi. even after a month she's still the cutest obedient kitty, our dear lil' sweetheart. she is indeed a smart cat and meows only when she needs something ie. drink, eat, pee or poo. within one month, we hardly separated with KiKi and she also 'balik kampung' with us for hari raya to Seremban, Negeri Sembilan and Sik, Kedah. alhamdulillah, she behaved very well through out the journey, chilling or sleeping in her "pink crib" white-pink voyageur. it has never crossed our minds to own a pet but we're so blessed to have KiKi and spoil her with our love.

KiKi, we love you so much and happy to have you in our lives... mwahhh~!!!

"Selamat Hari Raya & Selamat Hari Malaysia"

Posted at 03:34 pm by titie
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010
:: Sleeping Beauty ::

Posted at 05:37 pm by titie
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Sunday, August 22, 2010
:: There's Something About KiKi ::

last week hubby told me about a stray cat at his shop area. according to him the cat was cute, well behaved and love sleeping in his friend's motorbike basket. on monday evening (16.08.10) while strolling in pasar ramadhan he warned me not to be sad after listening to his story. apparently the cat he mentioned earlier got hit by a car and broke one of her back leg. she couldn't walk properly so she had to drag her body while walking. i immediately felt sorry for the cat, but bee said not to worry cuz the girl who's renting shop upstairs gonna bring her to vet. listening to that made me a bit relieved.

that night bee had to go to his shop and guess what he brought back together later that nite? it was the cat (in a box)~! bee found her sitting nearby with a fried chicken by her side. he felt so sorry for the cat and decided to bring her back home before sending her to the vet on the next day. she was a cute kitty, with grey and white fur. we didn't own any pet equipment so bee made her a home from our water filter box.

the next day bee took her to the vet. she got 3 jabs: antibiotic, pain killer and anti-fungus, but the doctor couldn't do anything with the leg. eventually her pelvic bone was broken / dislocated but the doc assured it will naturally heals or we can opt for operation that may costs RM1k above (gasp!). ok, we obviously chose the 1st option - natural healing.

we couldn't resist the kitty cuz she's so cute, and above all we really pitied her. therefore, we decided to take care and adopt her instead. we gave her a name - KiKi (cute and girlish ain't it? hehe). that night we bathed her and surprisingly she was so obedient even when we dried her fur with hairdryer. from a stray cat she was officially a home cat that nite :-)

she has been with us for only 6 days so far but there's something about KiKi. such an obedient kitty she is, KiKi won't come out of her box house once we put her in. she'll make her way to her lil toilet located in our second bathroom when nature calls. she loves to sit still and sleep like a baby on my lap either curling or laying her head down to cover her face (btw she's sleeping on my lap while i'm typing this entry). the best thing is, if bee and i are watching tv on the couch when i put her on my lap she'll crawl out to sit between us through out the movie... so sweet.

i believed the accident is a blessing in disguise cuz now she has a home. she deserves shelter, love, good health, good food and that's what we gonna give her. there is a warmth feeling inside me everything i look at this poor kitty and i'm also touched every time i watch bee playing and adoring her. you know, previously bee didn't like cats much but amazingly he took really good care of her. everything happens for a reason and we really love this cat. KiKi, we love you so much and we gonna make you fat~! (miau)

Posted at 08:51 am by titie
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Friday, August 20, 2010
:: I O U ::

isma, i owe u this pic. apologise for the delay ya... (omg, it's nearly a month!)

in the meantime they securely 'live' in my wardrobe. harap bersabar ye... kami akan tiba di melbourne bersama-sama 2 bulan lagik (yeay~!!)

Posted at 09:41 pm by titie
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Monday, July 26, 2010
:: Back for A Reason ::

hey ho~! away for almost 4 months and now i'm back. well, as stated in the title: i'm back for a reason. last friday a friend told me about a particular makeup collection by MAC she saw in red mummy's blog.

at first i thought it was the "in the groove" collection but apparently it was the "MAC look in the box". since she's now staying in melbourne and it hasn't reach them yet, she has asked me to have a look and update her. i know i can update her through fb message but i decided to write here instead. so isma, this entry is for you bebeyh ;-)

i couldn't take pics cuz the SA didn't allow me so i'm using pics from someone's blog instead:
musingsofamuse (thank you. hope u don't mind~!). basically, it's name reflects what it offers - a box with essential make-up items to create a particular look. comes in 3 themes one can choose, a box consists of:
  1. Face Powder
  2. Mineralize Eye Shadow
  3. Blusher
  4. Mascara
  5. Lipglass
it's the latest limited edition item for year 2010 and the greatest of all, they come in original size and only costs RM250 for a box~!

Look No.1 - Frisky Girl

box with pink shade. pinky eye shadow, highly pigmented, glittery tapi colour pink nya masih boleh nampak (macam kat eyelid model atas tu). i would say the shade is more towards mauve - bukan baby pink or pink pink laa (err paham ke?) according to the SA we can mix some blusher with the eye shadow to get a darker pink colour like what the model has on her brow bone. as for lipglass, the colour is a bit pale but pinky. boleh buat pink nude look kalo dipakai begitu saja atau pakai dengan apa-apa lipstick. face powder for this box is a bit rosy to create a fresh look and it's also the same for the blusher. as for mascara, all boxes have the same one: MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash.

verdict: this box is good if u wanna look cute, sweet and fresh. this is my definite choice if i wanna own one ;-)

Look No.2 - Tawny One

box with golden shade. one word that can describe this is "foxy cleopatra" from austin powers 3. gold eyeshadow, gold bronzing powder, peachy blusher and nude lustreglass. no offence, but i'd say this box is most perfect on tanned skin like beyonce or dayang nurfaizah cuz the colours will make the skin glows. i like the eyeshadow though cuz it can be paired with almost any other colours as it can brightens the eyes. the lustreglass can also be worn as a gloss on top of any other lip colour cuz it's very natural.

verdict: go for this box if u like or intend to bronze up your face. both lustreglass and eye shadow can be mixed and match with other colours so consider this as the most practical and worth the $$ collection.

Look No.3 - Miss Violet

box with purple-violet shade. this box has the darkest shades of all with almost plum-coloured lipglass, eyeshadow and blusher to create a define, sharp look compared to the other 2 boxes.

verdict: in my opinion, u can have this box if u're used to wearing those colours or wanted to have something different in your personal makeup collection.

ok, enough with the brief descriptions. hope it helps you a bit... (bukan setakat isma je, orang lain pun kira sekali) kalau nak tanya apa-apa lagi jez message me yer :-)

in general, i HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to buy the "MAC look in the box" if:
  • you're a beginner cuz it has all makeup basic essentials.
  • you're a makeup / MAC collector. this is one of the best limited edition collection you must not miss. definitely.
  • you're using any of those shades (pink, gold or violet) almost everyday. it's time to restock. tak rugila beli kalu hari-hari pakai.
  • you're searching for a gift or even barang hantaran. orang yang menerimanya pasti sangat gumbira. trust me ;-)
as stated earlier, a box costs RM250 so it's like RM50 only for an item. really worth it. kalau nak share dengan kekawan pun boleh. sorang amik mascara, sorang amik blusher... apa salahnya. hehe. if summed up, total original price for all the items is almost RM500 according to the SA. so apa lagi? berbaloi memang berbaloi...

*sorryla guna bahasa rojak. mata dah ngantuk, nak construct ayat pun tak boleh.

to my friend, isma: hope this review helps. kalau nak tengok more details, boleh baca review orang ni jugak (
karlasugar ). siap ada colours lagik.

p/s: kalau rasa nak beli beritahu laa ye ;-)

Posted at 09:45 pm by titie
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