Entry: :: Career With Telekom Malaysia :: Saturday, September 18, 2010

anonymous: keje mana?
me: Telekom
anonymous: oh, bahagian apa?
me: HR
anonymous: HR...?! wah, TM ada keje kosong tak?

the above conversation was what i normally experienced when talking to strangers or even with friends-of-friends. when people heard i'm attached to TM and then working in Human Resource... the next question normally leads to any career availabilities with the company?

ok, no worries cuz if you're interested to start your career with one of country's multinational telco company, Telekom Malaysia... you could do it online by visiting http://www.tmcareer.com.my/index.asp

you could check for available vacancies, find appropriate job that suits your qualification and sign up to apply posts by providing your resume. easy peasy and no more hassle... by any chance, you could be part of the TM family. good luck~!


September 24, 2010   01:24 PM PDT
ye en.rizuan. pasal streamyx selalunya org bitau komplen je... hehehe
September 21, 2010   12:02 AM PDT
oohh..u ni staff telekom ar ye?hehe..ade org tanye pasal stremyx tak selain dari keje kosong?hehe

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