Entry: :: UPSR Days :: Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today is a BIG day for all 12-years old kids. It's exam time, the biggest and important event so far in their lives. Stress? Nervous? No worries, that's normal and this is only the beginning as you are going through similar phases in your life later.

I can still remember myself, vaguely, taking the exam 17 years ago. Wow, that long ahh? If I have a child in that year, she's already in Form 5 today. Anyway, took my UPSR in Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan King George V (KGV), Ampangan, Seremban where I spent 6 years of my early learning childhood. The exam took place in joint classrooms turned into hall and I was seated somewhere in the middle. One thing that me and my bestfriend back then, Riza really looked forward to during exams was deciding on bags that we gonna carry during exam day. As we already know, we have to carry bulky, heavy school bags everyday but during exams there were not much to bring so we can carry cute, smaller bags instead. Well, consider that as some sort of motivation although bags were not allowed in exam hall. 

As usual the exam (and any other exams) started with BM paper. I think it was BM Paper 1. I didn't remember much on that but I knew BM Paper 2 was the toughest because we need to write essays. I think English was ok too but I still remember that I was very confident with Math. I went to toilet during that paper because I got extra free time even after checking the whole answers. Besides the 4 subject papers, we were also required to answer IQ test paper which was important if you want to be selected for boarding school. Couldn't remember how many days were taken, but obviously there was a huge relief when the exam was over. M.E.R.D.E.K.A~! Time spent in class after the exam was only for fun, playing board games and any other games as well as craft projects.

I spent the night in school since the day before the result was out as I was attending a school camp. I was very happy and proud to see my result. It was 4A, the biggest achievement so far in my life (that time). As promised by my parents, my wishes were granted. Got a pair of pink-white L.A Gear sneakers and Garfield items (I was crazy for Garfield that time) from my dad and a trip to Sarawak from my mom. My IQ test mark must be higher than expected too cuz I was selected to a boarding school in JB, where I spent the next 3 years of teenhood there.

Well, my time has passed and it's time for the current 12-years old to shine. Just do your best and relax. Whatever it is, just remember about your parents and your teachers who have high hopes for you. Good luck and go break your legs~!

p/s: A principal called radio this morning and shared what he heard from a teacher who adviced and gave last words to his year 6 students before school ended yesterday - "Do not watch TV, do not read about Datuk Sosilawati murder and do not read about social problems in the newspapers." (hrmmm... interesting.)



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