Entry: :: Ramblings :: Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It was not a productive day for me. Still sleepy while driving to office. Done with makeup I continued sleeping at the driver's seat for about an hour and 15 minutes. Did the same thing for several times already and I tell you, I'm loving it. Yeap, I love sleeping in the driver's seat at my office's parking lot without any air-cond. It gave me warmth and coziness and usually an hour to an hour and a half of deep sleep. Just need to get ready for bit of drowsiness after waking up and then, feeling rejuvenate to face the day.

Sleeping in the car is actually normal and many people are doing it. But one has to know that you should not sleep with the engine still running to keep the aircond on cuz carbon monoxide can kills you while you are asleep. Honestly, if you are used to doing it, better stop it now and sleep without any aircond to avoid the silent killer (This community service is brought to you by phatgurl.blogdrive)

Nothing interesting happened within these few days. Had a very long day yesterday as our unit was audited by external auditor. I was very exhausted, reached home at 8 something and saw KiKi waiting at our room's window... how shweet. I felt sorry for her for coming home a bit late than usual cuz it was already dark. Eversince the long Raya hols, we have left her in our bedroom instead of leaving her in the cage like before. I know she is only a cat, but I never felt so attached to an animal like this. Maybe because I never had any pet and maybe because she is one cute, smart, behaved kitty I ever know. I am typing this entry on bed and right now she is curling between my two legs, soundly asleep. Haisy... she really knows how to melt my heart... :-)

Okey, I guess that's it for now. Wishing for a productive day at work tomorrow and till we meet again, ciao~!


September 14, 2011   08:00 PM PDT
Such a really good day for you. But sleeping in a car is not good for health. Because that cause many problem.

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