Entry: :: My Activities & How U Could Lose Weight :: Friday, October 08, 2010

It's the last day of Syawal and our division is (finally) having Jamuan Raya at 3:00 pm today. My stomach is already starving. I was supposed to have nasi lemak and currypuff for breakfast which I ordered my staff to buy since yesterday but unfortunately he couldn't come to office this morning because of flu. The smell of satay really triggered my appetite... ah, another hour of waiting...

October is a busy month for me. Workloads and emceeing events through out this week, convocation on next Monday (OMG I already forgotten that! I already told my GM to see him for a sign off that morning) and then trip to Melbourne. Haven't prepared much for the vacation though, thankfully our host has given a tentative itinerary (thanks Isma~!) Will try to search about other interesting places, but I do look forward to visit the beach with colourful houses as mentioned by her. One thing that made me a lil bit worried is KiKi as we are going to sent her for boarding. We haven't been separated with each other for a long period every since she's with us but this time we have to leave her here... sobs sobs. It's gonna be 6 days and we will surely miss her heaps.

Ok enough with my activities, let's talk about a hot topic instead - how to lose weight. Thanks to Yahoo, found out that there are 5 spices that could help you lose weight. I just highlight about 3 of them because they are more familiar and already available in most kitchens, hence no more lame excuses to start.

1. Cinnamon (kulit kayu manis)
According to study, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon per day can boost body's weight-loss ability and lowers bad LDL cholestrol in the body. However, it should not be consumed in a large amount as it also contains a chemical called coumarin which can lead to liver damage. 1 teaspoon per day is still ok.

2. Ginger (halia)
As we can see, there are various slimming creams and lotions that contain ginger extract. Ginger can improves gastric mobility by pushing food and waste through digestive system and hinders absorption of cholestrol.

3. Black pepper (lada hitam)
Black pepper can improve digestion and promote absorption of nutrients in tissues all over the body. Its main component, piperine enable body to boost fat metabolism by as much as 8% after ingesting it. For more effectiveness, have fresh ground pepper instead of the powder one as it contains more piperine.

Another 2 are cayenne and mustard seed which are rarely used in Malaysian food. In fact I have to search what cayenne is because I only know Porsche Cayenne... hehe.



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